Un·daunt·ed: courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty ; not discouraged


Undaunted is a women’s clothing boutique that provides chic, elevated clothing with an edge, suited to fit our customers’ personal style and unique story. Our goal is to encourage women to be, feel and look Undaunted. As women we are faced with challenges but an Undaunted Babe doesn't let that stop her from being the fearless and resilient woman she is all while looking fashionable.

what our undaunted babes are saying

I got this dress to wear for my birthday. I almost didn’t wear it because it was 45 degrees outside, but I am so lucky I did! This dress is so warm & you can tell the quality of the dress by how the fabric moves when you walk. 🔥🔥🔥 this dress is if Sexy & cozy had a love child 😍

Shakeria H.

Love this blazer! Shipping was also fast. I got many compliments on it!

Erica C.

The entire process from ordering, receiving my sweater quickly and trying it on was smooth!! I love it - the color, fit, feel and quality is top notch!!!

Crystal T.

style + quality + versatility

elevate your wardrobe

with quality, chic pieces that you can mix and match for endless outfits.